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Airbus Iron Bird Visit

© Airbus - Iron Bird of the A350 XWB On the 21 of November, 30 EUROAVIAns had the chance to pay a visit to the Airbus avionics simulation center, as well as the telemetry operational center. One of the main highlights of this techincal visit has been a face-to-face encounter with the Iron Bird prototypes of the A350 XWB and A380 Airbus models.

Airbus description about the Iron Bird:

Long before an Airbus jetliner takes to the skies, the flawless operation of its electrics, hydraulics and flight controls is meticulously confirmed with the help of a giant test rig nicknamed the “Iron Bird.” 

The Iron Bird is a framework in which major working components are installed in the relative locations found on the actual airframe, brought together in a test installation comprising 170 tonnes of scaffolding arranged in the skeletal shape of the aircraft being tested. With the components out in the open, they can be easily accessed and analyzed. 

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