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Company visit at OpenAirlines

Last week friday, the 24th of September, we had the pleasure to visit the office of OpenAirlines in the center of Toulouse. OpenAirlines is a company who helps airlines to optimize their operations, in order to reduce the CO2 emission. This is not only financially appealing, but will also reduce the impact that flying has on the environment. By means of their SkyBreathe®️ program, airlines are able to save up to 5% in their fuel consumption, which is major in the aviation industry.

During the visit we enjoyed a very interesting presentation of the company, given by the CEO Alexandre Feray. After the presentation, during which we also had the chance to ask plenty of questions, we were presented a case study, based on a real problem the company faced in the past, where we practiced our team work capacity, our creativity and our decision-making skills. We worked in small groups and brainstormed about potential solutions to crack the case, after which we would shortly present it to the others and would receive feedback from some employees who had been working on this case.

Thanks to the visit, we got to know this company better and how their solutions have a the positive impact on the environmental situation by reducing the fuel consumption and the emitted CO2.

We would like to thank OpenAirlines for their incredible hospitality, we had a wonderful afternoon at their office!

If you want to know more about the software they provide you can enjoy this video that briefly explains all you need to know.

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