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Online Quiz Competition 30/04/21

Dear EUROAVIANs and fellow aviation enthusiasts,

Upcoming Friday, the 30th of April from 18.30 to 19.30h, we as new board will be hosting our very first event. During this social event we hope to get closer to you, our members, but also to interest potential new members, who share the same passion for the aerospace industry as Euroavia does. In order to get to this point, we will be organising a quiz, with questions related to the aerospace industry, but also with interesting questions in which you will get to know the city of Toulouse better! During the quiz, you will also get to know Euroavia, as we will briefly introduce who and what we are and what our plans are.

So, are you a student at ISAE-Supaero or ENAC or already a member of Euroavia? Then this is your chance of getting us to know and to share your passion for aviation or space! If you want to participate, you can subscribe via the link:

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