We organize visits to companies and research centres operating in the aerospace sector.



We organise events to build up your network of industry professionals, peers and friends.



We organise projects and conferences to grow your personal, academic and professional skills.



We bring together students from all over the world sharing the same passion.


Alice Oggionni



We come from 4 different countries: Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Germany

And we all share the same passion - Aerospace


Joel Papalini


María Romero Pérez


Stefano Trombetta


Jesper Meulenberg



We believe in a horizontal work structure. There is no “big boss” - We discuss, decide and work all together.


Noël Wagner



We want to make EUROAVIA members fulfilled. We are working for our friends.


Adrián Caro Fernández



Ecoles Nationale de I'Aéronautique

10 avenue Edouard Belin

31400 Toulouse


Frequently asked questions

What exactly does EUROAVIA do?

We are a non-profit organization located in Toulouse, bringing together students from all over the world who are interested in aerospace engineering and seeking to grow their personal, academic and professional skills by bridging the gap between students and the aerospace industry and by local and European wide networking events.

What added value does EUROAVIA offer me?

  • You get access to all local and international EUROAVIA events.
  • You get the opportunity to build contacts and make new friends all across Europe.
  • You can improve your technical skills during the events, workshops and exchanges.
  • You can develop your leadership and soft skills either as active member or during the interaction with professionals.
  • With us you can visit some of the most prominent companies in the aerospace and mechanical engineering sector which are normally closed for public.

You can only participate in most of our events as a member.

Do I have to study aerospace engineering to become a member?

No, membership is open to everyone interested in aerospace engineering and seeking to grow their personal, academic and professional skills, regardless of their course of study.

Do I have to be socially committed to become a member?

No, commitment is not an obligation for us. You can also simply participate as a passive member and only take part in our excursions or workshops. The benefits of our network are available to all members.

How much is the membership fee?

1 year - 15€
2-3 Years - 20€

If not other stated in the registration form.

Are the excursions/workshops offered free of charge?

We are a non-profit organisation and offer almost all events free of charge. Nevertheless, for special occasions we will ask you to take part of the cost.

International events are organized by other local groups (Affiliated Societies), who decide on the participation fee themselves. In addition, the journey to international events must be self-organised. In the past EUROAVIA Toulouse has partially sponsored the participation of members taking part in such events.

How can I actively participate in EUROAVIA?

Active members and new ideas as well as suggestions are always welcome.

You can either take part in the yearly elections to become a board member and take the future of EUROAVIA in your own hands or you can become an executive member and help the active board on various topics. (PR/event planning/recruiting/…)

You can also check out the working groups of EUROAVIA International.

How can I find out about upcoming events?

As a member you will be notified about upcoming events and the application procedure beforehand.

If you always want to keep up to date you can link your device to our iCal.

Am I automatically a member of EUROAVIA International?

Yes, as a member of EUROAVIA Toulouse, which is an Affiliated Societies of EUROAVIA International ,you are automatically a member of EUROAVIA International. You can take part in any international events as a represent of EUROAVIA Toulouse.

How do general meetings take place?

Our general meeting takes place once a year in public. The board invites all members at least two weeks in advance. At the general meeting, a new board of directors is elected and other club matters are discussed.

What happens to my membership at the end of subscription period?

At the end of your subscription period, you will automatically continue as an Alumni. You may no longer hold official offices of the association, but you will further be informed of ongoing events.

How is EUROAVIA structured?

EUROAVIA Toulouse is a local and independent association registered under the name EUROAVIA Toulouse in the register of associations at the “Prefecture De La Haute-Garonne”:

Sous-préfecture de Muret
10, allées Niel
BP 20212
31605 MURET Cedex

The individual local groups (also called Affiliated Societies) and their members are members of EUROAVIA International, an association under Dutch law based in Delft.

Does EUROAVIA pursue profit-oriented goals?

No, EUROAVIA is a non-profit association. This means that we may not accumulate any profits and that the membership fees must be spent directly for the purpose of the association - i.e. the organisation of aerospace-oriented events and the networking of members. In addition, no member receives contributions from the Association's funds; this means that all offices of the Association are held on a voluntary basis.

When and where do you always meet?

We don't have a fixed date on which we always meet – Just contact us.
Nevertheless, you will find us in the future on the campus of the ISAE-Supaero at the MDE Room 8B04