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RAeS Symposium - The Future of Certifiable Liquid Hydrogen Aircraft

On the 1st of February, Euroavia Toulouse had the pleasure to attend the 29th Gordon Corps Lecture presented by Dr Raj Nangia, HonFRAeS and Honorary Research Fellow at Bristol University. The symposium was focused on  ’’Certifiable Liquid Hydrogen Aircraft’’ and it had as a distinguished guest the President of Main Aeronautical Royal Society, Kerissa Khan, MRAeS.

Dr. Nangia introduced a revolutionary aircraft, known as Gondola, highlighting its potential to redefine the future of aviation. Gondola is characterized by a twin-fuselage configuration, representing a fundamental change in the aviation engineering. When it comes to its design, the prototype has the payload strategically separated from fuel to assure the safety of the passengers.

In terms of fuel management, Gondola employs a groundbreaking strategy with two separate tanks allocated to each engine. This dual-tank system not only enhances operational efficiency but also addresses potential challenges associated with fuel distribution, offering a robust solution for improved aircraft performance.

Gondola's innovative approach to mitigate wing bending moments by placing heavy structures across the span,showcases its commitment to enhance structural integrity and stability during flight, setting new standards for the industry.

To navigate the challenges of asymmetry, the prototype takes a proactive approach, incorporating a slightly enlarged empennage and ailerons. This design adjustment ensures optimal control and manoeuvrability, showcasing the aircraft's adaptability in handling varying conditions with grace and precision.

Moreover, Gondola raises the curtain on the future of liquid hydrogen in aviation. As a clean and renewable energy source, liquid hydrogen has the potential to transform the aviation landscape, entering a new era of eco-friendly and efficient air travel.

While further studies are required to ensure the safety of passengers and crew before the prototype becomes a reality, ongoing efforts are dedicated to bring this innovative aircraft to life. As the aviation industry advances towards a more sustainable and efficient future, this certifiable liquid hydrogen aircraft serves as a testament to the possibilities that lie ahead, marking the beginning of a new era in aviation history.

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