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Barbecue Take 1 - 3th MAY 2018

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

The eagerly anticipated Euroavia barbecue took place in front of the MDE of ISAE-SUPAERO Campus at 19: 30, 3th May, 2018.

Barbecue Fire

Apart from the regularly organized industrial visits, we for the first time treated our members to a sumptuous barbecue, even if the weather turned out unexpectedly to be cloudy and somber. Members were all present to the activities burger making, making sticks and of course engineer-style dancing. We are also glad we had the seniors from last year joining us as well. For us it became not only the regathering of Euroavians but also an 'after-work' party. It was a much needed break to relieve stress from the hectic master's coursework. It was a wonderful start for the newly elected board. We are already eagerly awaiting next year's barbecue ! .

A big shout out of thanks to Sindhu, Guruprasad, Miroljub and Kartik for all their efforts with regards to shopping and logistics to make this event a great success !

Stay tuned for future visits by checking the Euroavia Calendar regularly !

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Kartik Venkatraman
Kartik Venkatraman

It was amazing ! Had great food. Well organized.

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